Die Österreichische Bundes-Sportorganisation (BSO) ist die Interessenvertretung und Serviceorganisation des organisierten Sports in Österreich.

Structure and Organization

Governmentally-funded institutions which act at the federal and at state level on one hand and non-governmental organizations – such as the Austrian Sports Organization (BSO), the Austrian Olympic Committee, clubs and associations – on the other hand are responsible for sports-related matters in Austria.

Governmental Level

Within the government, at the federal level, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense and Sports, the Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture and the Ministry for Science and Research are responsible for the various activities related to sports. Furthermore, individual sport-specific subject areas also fall within the competence of other ministries (such as youth and sports, violence prevention at major sporting events, etc.).

Since, according to Article 15 of the Federal Constitution, matters pertaining to sports fall under the constitutional scope of the Austrian federal states, nine further regional sports directorates have been set up.

Non-Governmental Level

The Austrian Sports Organization (BSO) is the non-governmental umbrella organization in Austrian sports and coordinates all matters of sport with the responsible government agencies.

The regular members of the BSO are the three governing bodies, ASKÖ (Association for Sport and Fitness in Austria), ASVÖ (General Sports Association of Austria) and the Sports Union; the 60 currently recognized professional associations, as well as the Austrian Adaptive Sports Association, the Austrian Olympic Committee, the Austrian Paralympic Committee and the Special Olympics.

Associate members are the federal states, insofar as they declare their membership, as well as all-Austrian associations of particular importance (e.g. Austrian Company Sports Association, Austrian Army Sports Association, etc.).

The regular members have a right to vote in the individual bodies of the BSO, as well as the Austrian Sports Assembly, the Austrian Sports Council and the Austrian Competent Sports Council.